The Best of Us Can Stumble- 10 Steps to Zero Moment of Truth

I rarely respond to banner ads (as does the majority of the population) However when I was confronted with an ad for Google’s latest tome “ZMOT-Winning the Zero Moment of Truth.” I just had to respond. here was the promise of research based insights into what’s important at that critical decision point where a prospect turns into a customer.

So I click on the banner and I am at a purpose built landing page, video rolling and carefully crafted, concise review designed to whip up my initial enthusiasm and guide me over the edge. But wait… where is the buy now button? Quick look at the hot zones of the screen, ah there in the top right corner not one button but four. Yes the big blue one with the words DOWNLOAD and FREE bolded, this must be the one for me, but wait there is an option do I need the standard version or the enhanced version? A quick read of the details and yes standard is ok for me. That big blue button is drawing me in, but wait do I want to preview the book… no lets just go the whole 9 yards. Big blue FREE button here I come? Click oops -404- error page not found with commentary from Google saying “that’s an error and that’s all we know”  OK back to the landing page and click on the standard ebook button, so what if I have to go through a few more steps, my Zero Moment of Truth is waiting. Click – I am whisked away to the Google Ebook store. Now this is a pretty minimalist page, just the title ZMOT, yes that is what I want, where is the buy now button, it must be here somewhere? Nothing just a preview this book button, a QR code and links to two reviews. OK so Google must really want me to preview this book (You never know this could be a dangerous tome and if I am not forced to preview it I might put myself in mortal danger?) OK so I will preview it Google. Click – Off I go to the Google eBook store preview sub-system, yes this is the book I want and no I don’t think I will hurt myself by downloading it, now where is that damn download button? It has got to be here somewhere?  The preview will only allow me to see a few select pages, whoa wait a minute, isn’t this a free book? Why can’t I see the whole thing? Is someone in Google scared that I will steal a free book?

Okay let’s sit down and think here, maybe this is a conspiracy hatched by Google to see who really, really wants this book (no tire kickers needed around here thanks.) and can jump all of these hurdles to get a free copy of “Zero Moment of Truth”.  I am up for the challenge this is going to take strategy and stealth. Back to the banner add to plan my attack.

  1. Great banner advert good branding, good call to action, click the download ebook button. Does this download the ebook, no back to the landing page video rolling. (Deja Vu)
  2. Big blue button FREE click -oops -404-
  3. Click on the ebook button – off to the Goggle ebook store again but no method of download or buy.
  4. Ah maybe I need the enhanced version click – oops off to a company called vook (who are they?) but at least they offer to sell me my FREE ebook if only I had an ipad, iphone or kindle.
  5. Back to the landing page.
  6. Click on the ebook button (again) let’s read the reviews someone must have figured out how to get this Free eBook “Zero Moment of Truth.”
  7. Hey 10 reviews all complaining about Google just trying to lure you in to get your credit card details to get a FREE book. Heck I didn’t even get to that point. But wait!
  8. A kind sole has posted the download link.
  9. For your “Zero Moment of Truth.” just use this link like I have and save yourself some time.

So what’s the book like, do you think I have had the time to read it, I spent all morning just getting it.

Note to Google – Fail

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