Has Jobs Done it Again?

In 1984 Apple launched one of the most talked about TV commercials in the marketing world. Contrary to popular belief this commercial only ran once in a paid format.

Just to jog your memory here is the clip.

Apple 1984 TV Advert

This was a world changing moment. From these beginnings we find ourselves in today’s connected world.

Are we seeing a similar moment? My prediction is that the iPad and tablet devices will change the way we consume magazines.

Australia has one of the worlds largest magazine consumptions on a per capita basis. My prediction is that Australia will be the bellwether of this change.

Logistics will dictate  a move to iPad publication for the magazine industry. We will see a wave of niche titles become available once logistics costs are stripped.

This will lead to a whole raft of new communication opportunities for marketers. Am I the only one thinking this way?

Apparently not; this week Richard Branson launches “Project” an iPad only magazine. Read more about this in the following article from Fast Company.

“Will Branson beat Murdoch.”

So what does this all mean?

It is too early to tell, but I am thinking that if I am a newsagent that relies on magazine sales I would be afraid, very very afraid.
Get ready for yet another game changing Tsunami. Make sure your are on the high ground.

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  • Paul D'Ambra Jan 4, 2011 @ 19:21

    Absolutely things will change. I was a subscriber to Motor Magazibe for over 15 years. I cancelled it last year after seeing no change in how they delivered content. I could get more up to date content including videos, photos and movies elsewhere.

    Now, I have my iPad, I have Zinio and i have over 15 magazine subscriptions, mainly to motoring titles that are including print, video, photo and sound content in their magazines.

    Then, try National Geographic, absolutely wonderful on iPad.

    Change is here.

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