Retail – Not a Hobby Anymore

Is this your retail wreckage?

There was once a time when if you asked what someone was going to do in retirement, the answer would be, move to a seaside location and open a little shop of some sort.

These were also the times when a lot of “significant others” (don’t you just hate PC) would operate a small store in the local suburb, town or village as a hobby.

Today these statements are as outdated as walking in front of an automobile with a red flag. We have moved on.

  • Retailing is not a hobby.
  • Retailing is not a retirement choice.
  • Retailing is tough, fun and satisfying.

If you want to make a small fortune today start with a big one and go and open a shop for fun.

Making your retail store relevant in today’s online world is a tough gig. You are competing on the world’s stage and you better have something of value to offer your customer.

Here is a link to a great article by Alan Treadgold of Leo Burnett. Before you retire to that nice little shop be the sea give this a read.

Retail – Reimagined

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